Legend of Iya


Great platforms and adventures in 16-bits


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Legend of Iya is a two-dimensional platform, action and adventure game that is very similar to other independent games like the awesome Frogatto (also available at Uptodown) and Iconoclasts.

The principal mechanics of the game include exploring enormous, two-dimensional settings, jumping from side to side, fighting against tons of enemies, solving puzzles, and generally doing anything possible to continue advancing throughout the game.

During your adventure, you'll visit all types of scenes, from the first forest to ancient sanctuaries and castles, as well as a few dark surprises. However, the twenty or so enemies you will have to face will present the most variety; they range from regular monsters, to giant bosses.

Visually, Legend of Iya is a wonder, with exquisite pixel art and excellent animations. Everything from the settings to the characters is designed with a lot of care and attention to detail.

Legend of Iya is a very entertaining 'metroidvania' that, after years of development, seems to have finally reached the finish line.

The demo only allows you to play the beginning of the game.

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